Scrambled Pesto Tofu on Toast

Serves 2 people for a yummy breakfast or lunch.

I love mixing savoury and sweet flavours together and this easy one-pan recipe packs alot of flavour and those all important veggies and gut friendly fibre.



1x red onion

1x Handful of frozen pomegranate seeds

1x Basil tofu (or plain tofu with 1x tablespoon green pesto)

2 x teaspoon of sundried tomato and garlic pasta sauce (I used Saclo Intenso Pasta Sauce, Vegan)

2 x slices of sourdough toast

6 x cherry tomatoes

1 x tablespoon olive oil


1. Slice your sourdough bread ready to be toasted.

2. Slice your red onion and start to fry in a medium heat until softened.

3. Add the frozen pomegranate seeds, until both the onions and seeds become caramelised.

4. Move the onions to one side of the pan.

5. Add a touch more olive oil, crumble the basil tofu and heat through. Add a dash of hot water to stop it sticking to the pan and to stop it drying out. (If you are using plain tofu cook for a few min minutes and add your green pesto)

6. Once it's cooked, add the halved cherry tomatoes to the middle of the pan, face down.

7. Pop your bread in the toaster

8. Continue cooking everything for a few minutes till the cherry tomatoes are starting to brown.

9. Grab your toast, add 1x teaspoon of the sundried tomato sauce and spread all over

10. Pile the scrambled tofu on top, then your caramelised onions/pomegranates and then pop the cherry tomatoes on top with some salt and pepper.

You can buy frozen pomegranates from Tesco, no one has time to scoop out a actually pomegranate. Plus frozen produce keeps your food as fresh as just being picked.