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My ABCDE Approach

I am passionate about caring for people as a whole person and not just a patient, I have dedicated so much time and effort to develop a service that does just that.  

We often forget that patients are people, with unique, complex bodies and a past story that has contributed to or impacted their ability to cope with changes in their health. This lack of mind-body connection in current healthcare is the very dilemma that has driven me to search for more integrative ways to optimise your wellbeing, so you have quality of life as well as longevity.

My clinic is a place that can help and support you in a holistic way and gives you the confidence to manage your health conditions, be active and take back control of your life.  

Here are the five key areas we discuss and are the foundations for your long-term health and wellbeing. 


Before embarking on any change in our health, we must start with doing some self-development, this could be learning more about a particular health issue, acknowledging past trauma or life events that have shaped our behaviour, understanding how our personality traits impact our decisions, what motivates you to do healthy and unhealthy behaviours. We can build more awareness of our emotions and how this impacts our eating behaviours or how much pain we experience. Can we sit with our uncomfortable emotions with meditation? While having more intrinsic awareness is important for that mind-body connections, we also need to look extrinsically. What elements of our environment and relationships are impacting our ability to reach our goals? Be curious and embrace what we learn.   

Breath/ Balance

Breathing may seem like an automatic thing to do but we can consciously influence it to unlock many benefits such as reducing stress, elevating your mood, creating a more anti-inflammatory state, improving pelvic floor and core function, better posture, reduction in blood pressure and many more. 
We'll explore different breathing techniques that you are comfortable doing, helping you strengthen your diaphragm (dome-like muscle under your lungs) and help lay the foundations for better physical and mental health. Balance is also worth considering here as we often like to blame one aspect of our life when in fact it’s probably been a combination of things leading up to that moment. Are we getting enough sleep, is work taking up too much of my time? Life can easily have us spinning too many plates, caring for too many people before ourselves- there is a reason why we need to put our own oxygen mask on first.



Many people, know that doing more healthy behaviours will help improve their health, reduce their pain, or allow them to be happier. Yet for many of us, we are stuck in a vicious cycle of not moving forward and this is often due to confidence or lack of belief in ourselves to achieve our goals and too often we are fixated on the goal (outcome-based). How often have we achieved anything in life and then stop and revert, and it's because we haven’t made it part of who we are (identity-based).

"Every action you take is a vote for the person you want to be" (Clear, 2018) and is the first step in trusting yourself and identifying as a person who wants that goal or action. It can work the other way with bad habits and so every time you do them it is a vote to be that person. I want to help you sway the pendulum to more positive habits and behaviours because that's a vote for the best version of you. 

I also want to help you overcome issues that affect your confidence such as incontinence or sexual issues. Because let’s be frank, the worry of wetting yourself in public or not being able to perform in the bedroom can affect our self-esteem, our relationships and stop us from going out with friends or exercising. The sad thing is that the solutions are often quite easy and can be transformative, but many people are too embarrassed to get the help they need. I've added this as part of my assessment because it is so common, but it is something you do not need to live with. 


There is no one size fits all approach to diet. Food is more than just the calories we consume, it forms part of our social life, our emotions and feelings, memories, and of course all the nutrients we need to have a healthy functioning body. Many of our hormones rely on having some good sources of fats and vitamins from a few animal products, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. We can explore different eating strategies that fit with your lifestyle and gives you the best chance of nourishing your body through illness, weight loss, building muscles or just to feel better in yourself. You don't need to lose weight to be happy or healthy, there are so many other factors at play and shifting your focus from weight loss will allow you to have a better relationship with food and yourself.


As an Exercise Coach I know how important everyday movement and exercise is for our health both physically and mentally. Building strength and muscle mass is important for being able to keep up with daily life, but also enhance our immune system, keep our brains healthy and help tone our bodies to help us look and feel good. I can support you to include everyday movement into your life to keep you less sedentary, like taking the stairs, walking to the shops, dancing etc. And see what exercise you enjoy and what will help improve your posture, support achy joints and give you the stamina to deal with everyday life. Building strength can help improve menopausal hot flushes, feelings of fatigue from cancer treatment, help you recover from surgery and reduce feelings of anxiety. It is a powerful tool and does not need to be done to the extreme to get the benefits.

I encourage active participation from you during the process in order to improve your quality of life and give you the confidence to live well with whatever life brings.