Hi, I'm Emily

Founder of Be Lively, a mother, nurse, and certified personal trainer with a passion for bridging the gap between rehabilitation and fitness. With over 10 years of experience as a registered nurse in oncology, community health, and bladder and bowel care, I now specialise in pelvic health. In this role, I integrate my nursing expertise with personal training to support individuals dealing with incontinence, pain, and prolapse. Additionally, I focus on 'Exercise Oncology' and work in the charity sector to help cancer patients use exercise as medicine. I am also an oncology scar therapist.

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My Mission

I started Be Lively because I recognised a significant lack of knowledge among my medical colleagues regarding the support of patients' physical and mental fitness which hugely impacted their quality of life and outcomes.

By combining my skills in personal training with my nursing experience, I am able to provide holistic care that was not possible within the NHS. My goal is to one day showcase my hybrid approach to health and advocate for it to become standard care.


Access & Inclusivity

Ensuring that fitness and rehabilitation services are accessible to individuals of all abilities, backgrounds, and circumstances.

Partnership & Collaboration

Working together with other healthcare professionals, clients, and community partners to provide 360 care

Holistic & Personalised Care

Offering individualised programmes that address the unique physical, mental, and emotional needs of each client.

Advocacy & Education

Promoting health literacy and empowering clients through education and advocacy efforts.

Ways you can work with me

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