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About Be Lively 

I believe that movement is 'medicine' and I want to create an exercise community that is inclusive of people with long-term health conditions. One that prioritises physical performance and integrative approaches to wellbeing.  


My approach is to build strength from the inside out, empowering you with the right skills and knowledge to make sustainable changes as well as give you the motivation to be consistent with movement. Being strong, flexible and agile helps you function better in day-to-day life and promotes a healthy mind, immune system and reduces pain and feelings of fatigue. To have a body that can cope with demands and challenges that life throws at it such as having major surgery, transitioning through menopause, or living with cancer. 

About Emily

Hi, I'm Emily I am the founder of Be Lively. I have over 10 years of experience working as a registered nurse and caring for people at home. I've worked as a chemotherapy nurse, and on the frontline in both A&E and community nursing including palliative care. 

I became a Personal Trainer because I felt in combination with my nursing experience, I would have the time and skills to support someone to make meaningful lifestyle changes and prescribe exercise specific to their abilities and goals. Being  (what I like to call) a 'Hybrid Nurse'. I can deliver all of this with empathy & compassion which is often lacking in the fitness industry.

I currently work part-time in the Exercise Medicine department, for a cancer center in Bristol. This has given me the skills and confidence to adapt exercise to patients at different stages of their cancer journey. I am at the forefront of truly integrated care and it's a really exciting field that is building strong evidence for the benefits and efficacy of exercise before, during, and after treatment. 

I have also developed my skills in Pelvic Health and I am able to perform pelvic floor assessments to promote continence and reduce pelvic pain and organ prolapse. Pelvic floor dysfunction can really affect your quality of life and problems can arise after childbirth, menopause, radiotherapy, and abdominal/pelvic surgery such as prostatectomy, hysterectomy, total hip replacement, or caesarean. 


My mission is to look at the whole person and make sure people in our community can have access to fun, holistic and manageable exercise as well as integrated care services that help people to live life younger.  




To listen and be


To listen compassionately to my members and hear their stories, respect them, and use this to build a collaborative partnership and help design a self-empowering  health plan that is individualised and adapted to my members needs.

To innovate &

build partnerships

To learn and adapt to the needs of my community and innovate new ways to help, as well as seek partnerships with education, health and other community organisations to multiply my resources and increase value to my members. More heads are better than one!

Strive for excellence and integrity 

 To have the courage to do things differently but maintain high standards of practice that are founded in the latest research to optimise the impact on my members lives. 

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