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Be Lively

Online Strength Classes

Transform your fitness with our online Stronger You classes led by Emily, a Pelvic Health Nurse and Strength & Fitness Coach. Access expert-designed workouts tailored for every BODY.

Start your journey to a stronger, resilient, and empowered you today! 💪🏋️‍♀️🩺
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Meet Emily

Welcome to Be Lively, where I'm Emily, a dedicated nurse, committed to providing holistic well-being services for those navigating pelvic health issues post-pregnancy, during menopause, or following a cancer diagnosis. As a compassionate guide, I understand the challenges individuals, especially women, face in rebuilding their lives after significant health events. With my nursing background, my mission is to educate and empower you about your body's incredible capacity to heal with the right conditions.

Join me, and my amazing community to ensure your body not only survives but thrives,
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Pregnancy &

Leaking is common during and after pregnancy but not normal or something that you should accept- let's nip it in the bud now!

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Get the advice you deserve with a holistic consultation that not only supports your pelvic health but your overall wellbeing.

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The long-term effects of cancer treatment and surgery can leave you with scars leading to restriction and pelvic health issues such as pain, incontinence or vaginal dryness. Let's improve your quality of life together

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Booking a free 30-minute discovery call means we can get to know each other and decide on the perfect package that's going to help you reach your goals.

For general enquiries then please contact me via email at

Be Lively Club 

Join our vibrant community dedicated to nurturing your pelvic health, mind, and body through a diverse array of offerings. From fitness classes to insightful expert talks and meaningful connections with like-minded people and professionals, our club offers a 360 approach to your wellbeing.

Best of all, our club is completely FREE and designed to inspire and empower you to Be Lively every step of the way.
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Ways we can work together

1-1 Appointments

Face-to-face and remote consultations for Pelvic Health, Cancer Rehabilitation, Menopause & Scar Therapy based at Goldney House in the picturesque town of Chipping Sodbury or online.

Employee Wellbeing 

Employee wellbeing packages that support a thriving business. Bespoke webinars and/or coaching, specialising in women's health issues and cancer rehab/exercise awareness.

Workshops & Events

Stay tuned for my webinars, workshops and events! Connect, learn, and explore topics close to my heart with a community that shares your interests. Join my newsletter to keep up to date.

Digital products

Empower your journey with my self-led courses and digital goodies! Elevate our collaboration or dive into a solo adventure — the choice is yours!

The Vitality Method: 

Nurturing Health and Well-Being

At Be Lively, our priority is help you understand your body, prioritising yourself, and embracing holistic well-being in order to support your pelvic health, that goes way beyond just doing kegal exercises.

I'm here to guide you through this process, offering support for your mind, body, and soul.

Our Vitality Method is just like a blooming flower needs essential components to thrive. With a focus on Awareness, Breath, Confidence, Diet (nourishment), and Exercise, we nurture each aspect of your well-being, creating a foundation for growth, resilience, and vibrant living.
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What my clients have to say

"Working with Emily following many years of living with cancer has had such a positive impact on my physical and mental wellbeing. Emily has taught me how to exercise safely, given me the tools and resources to find acceptance and have a more positive relationship with myself. An amazing body coach who is highly qualified in health , physical training and overall well-being and importantly, really cares about people. Highly recommended."
"I can’t speak highly enough of Emily’s classes and her approach to “exercise as medicine”. Having had the year from hell, struggling with recovering from breast cancer and a brain tumour, I can honestly say that it was Emily’s wonderful classes that kept me going! As well as a friendly and inclusive atmosphere in the sessions, Emily really goes the extra mile to help with, not only your physical, but also your mental health. Also, as a busy mum, I love the convenience of the on-demand service. I often can’t make evening classes, but find I can still fit them in after the school run, which is fantastic and makes membership really great value for money!"
"I approached Emily for help after I had been lifting weights for a year. The heavier I was lifting, the more issues I was experiencing. Emily truly listened and understood and was able to tailor a plan to meet my specific needs. She worked together with my coach, to improve my knowledge and awareness, I was given specific exercises to work on alongside reduced loading in my PT sessions. I was surprised at how quickly my symptoms improved but the knowledge and her guidance has been invaluable. I've now achieved a new PR without a second thought to the symptoms I previously experienced. I couldn't be happier."
"A much greater understanding of how my body works which has led me to exercise with a well designed programme of stretches each building on the one before with a strong focus on developing a strong core to aid my pelvic floor and which have allowed me to become both more flexible and stronger in my legs, and with a more flexible pelvic floor which was commented on by the leader of the pessary clinic. For all this I am truly grateful!"
"When I went to see Emily I was struggling to walk and couldn’t sit down, after spending two hours with Emily, this was my turning point in my recovery and I am so grateful, best money I have spent 😀"
"I have been tuning in to Emily for quite a few months now, starting during lockdown. Her zoom classes are fun, easy to follow & the fact that she provides alternatives for all exercises, can be accessed by all abilities from beginner to advanced. She, and the group in general, are hugely welcoming and makes everyone feel at ease. She frequently requests & listens to feedback from her clients and if appropriate, will cater to it."
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