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Joyful Running

In this episode, join Nutritionist and Coach Claire Dunn as she delves into the world of joyful running. Claire is a long distance runner and runs regularly in the beautiful hills of Scotland. With her experience we'll discover how to cultivate a positive relationship with running, focusing on the joy it brings rather than its calorie-burning potential. Claire shares insights on fuelling your body properly, embracing nourishment, and breaking free from the confines of disordered eating. Get ready to lace up your shoes and rediscover the joy of running while nourishing your body and mind.

Claire Dunn

Online Coach & Certified Nutritionist
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About Claire

Hey I’m Claire, I’m based in Aberdeen which is NE Scotland. I’m an Online Coach & Certified Nutritionist.  

I work with runners who want to perform their best, but struggle to maintain a healthy diet, have poor body image, feel guilty when they go off track and tend to avoid lifting weights. 

I help them strive for performance whilst supporting their health and ultimately thrive in life.

My running background: approx 19 years running, the last 10 years in ultra running events. I prefer big adventure days in the hills.

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