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Stronger Core and Pelvic Floor

8-week core & pelvic floor programme that enhances muscle awareness, mobility, strength, and coordination for less leaks, pain and prolapse symptoms.
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Equipment you will need

I have put some links to a resistance band and ball we use all the time for other classes.
You can use things from around the house in the meantime while you wait for them to be delivered.
 Set of 1-2 kg Dumbbells
You can buy these from most supermarkets or you can get as part of a set with bigger weights. A set of 3kg or 5kg is also useful for progression depending on your ability.
 Resistance band
A 2m band red resistance (light) or green band (medium). Pick what you feel you'll manage. 

 Pilates ball 
Pilates ball or cushion. 
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