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Personal growth

The Power of Coaching

Had an amazing Zoom Q&A session with Emma, an executive coach, diving deep into how coaching can truly unlock our potential, both personally and professionally!

We explored strategies to overcome hurdles and make those vital decisions that lead to authentic growth and thriving.

Emma also shared her unique coaching program, Connect Outside, designed to help teams harness their unique working styles for maximum effectiveness.
meet our contributor

Emma Stubbings

Executive Coach & Co-Founder of Connect Outside
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About Emma

I’m Emma Stubbings, I’m an Executive Coach and I work with leaders and teams in organisations and small business owners.

I offer coaching to high functioning professionals who are looking for renewed energy, belief and motivation so they can continue to deliver outstanding results.

I use a range of tool to support my clients, Executive Coaching methods, TA (Transactional Analysis), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and where requested individual and team profiling. The GC Index (how we have an impact at work) and DISC (personality profiling).

Essentially, I help leaders and manager to overcome obstacles and find better ways to lead with impact.

We work on:

· Leadership style
· Improving communication
· Reducing conflict
· Reducing Anxiety
· Delegating better
· Autonomy and decision making
· Setting boundaries
· Dealing with setbacks
· Holding difficult conversations

I coach based on a wealth of experience having spent 23 years working in the finance industry, leading large teams remotely and overseeing programmes of change. I’ve held the tricky conversations, been faced with the change to deploy…quickly! And dealt with my own fluctuating levels of anxiety throughout. I join you from a place of experience. And I also have the skills to guide you through your own experience.

When I work with a client, we have the really meaty, honest conversations about the things that matter. We talk about how it’s really going for them and, what they wish was different. Then we get to work.

The blend of skills I bring creates a very interactive coaching style. Transforming current issues, behaviours and beliefs to uncover the real potential. I’ve been working successfully with many organisations since 2018, understanding the business and helping clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Contact me:

If you’re looking for support for you or the leaders in your organisation, please get in touch.

Call: 07854 830256 Email: hello@emmajanecoaching.co.uk

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