Meaningful Corporate Wellbeing

Do you want to support your clients or employees with their health & wellbeing in a meaningful, cost effective way?
You understand that enabling them to be more active will help support the work you are doing together and improve outcomes.

At Be Lively, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes to deliver comprehensive wellness solutions for staff and clients. By providing membership to the Be Lively Club, your staff and customers will have access to a variety of live online classes and events each month, a growing library of on-demand videos and engaging content.
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Face-to-face/ Online Workshops

Face-to-face or online workshops either as a one-off or monthly series that can include menopause support, mental health, nutrition & exercise, pelvic & back health and cancer rehabilitation & awareness and much more...

Virtual 1-1 Employee Consultations

I can offer individual employees online consultations for menopause support, returning to work after a serious illness and issues with their pelvic health post-partum. 

Be Lively Club

Provide access to the Be Lively Club as a company benefit to support your clients' and employee's wellbeing and show that you care.    

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Let's see how I can support you and your employees' wellbeing, because when your employees can THRIVE so does your business.

Make a meaningful impact on your employees lives | When they thrive so does your business

We have worked with Emily on numerous occasions and cannot recommend her enough.

Best Life Companions

Emily is providing an exciting series of online sessions for our employees this year, covering a range of health issues and conditions, all adapted to meet the needs of a variety of abilities. Emily's passion. skills and knowledge are unhindered by the screen, and she is able to switch between personal feedback and group direction as the session unfolds. Be Lively's values completely mirror our own and we are so pleased that Emily is part of our plan to provide the best tools and opportunities to our staff so that they can succeed at work while always maintaining self-care and work life balance.

TACT Fostering

FREE 1 hour wellbeing talks to community groups

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