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Health & wellbeing

Financial wellbeing for women

The wonderful Helen from Mather and Murray who believes that the women's health conversation should include finances because financial well-being directly impacts health, especially as we age.

Factors such as the gender pay gap, time off for childbirth and caregiving, and women's higher likelihood of serious illness at a younger age contribute to women making fewer pension contributions and needing financial protection.

Society often undervalues the unpaid caregiving work that women perform, which can massively impact their net wealth compared to men.
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Helen Quale

Financial Advisor
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About Helen

Hi my name is Helen,

I am financial adviser with a real passion for making sure financial advice is accessible to women. What ever your financial need I am sure I can help and give you peace of mind and financial wellbeing whilst having a cuppa and a flapjack! I can offer advice on protection, mortgages, pensions and savings so give me a call if I can be of any help at all.

You can contact me at helen.quayle@matherandmurray.co.uk or 07503 433716

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