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Zumba with Jodie

Jodie is a Yate & Coalpit Health based Zumba instructor and super passionate about your overall wellbeing. We chat about Zumba and it's benefits as well as her mission to create opportunities for women to move their bodies and explore other spheres of wellness.
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Basic Steps of Zumba

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Meet our contributor

Jodie Horton

Zumba Instructor 
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About Jodie

Hey there, I'm Jodie – a Zumba Fitness instructor, on a mission to turn every workout into a dance party!

14 years ago, I embarked on a Zumba journey that changed my life. After having my daughter, I needed a fitness solution that was not only effective but also FUN, non-judgmental, and kept me coming back for more. That's when I discovered the magic of Zumba!

I decided to become an instructor so I could share the joy of dance with more people, and I have taught thousands of classes over the years. Dance is the secret ingredient to happiness and a stronger body, and I'm here to prove that Zumba is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

Regular Zumba classes will boost your stamina, co-ordination, balance, flexibility, and strength, all while releasing those amazing feel good endorphins.

Join us every week in Yate and Coalpit Heath for our in person classes, there’s no need to book, just show up and let's dance together!

When you become a part of our Zumba crew, you also become part of our incredible Zumba community. What have you got to lose? I’d love to welcome you to a class soon.

Zumba hugs, Jodie 

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