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Supporting Mothers with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Emily joins us to talk about her experience of Menopause with young children and raise awareness of POI. 
Meet our contributor

Emily Courtney

Health Visitor & Founder of Mothering and the Menopause
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About Emily

Emily is a  health visitor with a strong passion for advocating women's health and well-being. Her journey with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) has ignited her determination to raise awareness about how menopause can impact women at any age, particularly those who are also managing the challenges of motherhood with young children. Having experienced first-hand the difficulties of coping with POI while raising children, Emily recognised the need for a supportive community where women in similar circumstances could find understanding and guidance.

Motivated by her own experiences, Emily established an online community called "Mothering and Menopause," offering a safe and empathetic space for women with POI who are also mothers. Through this platform, Emily provides a safe space where women can openly express their frustrations with judgement, share their stories, and seek assistance in navigating the unique challenges of balancing motherhood with the symptoms and uncertainties of POI.

You can read more about Emily's story at The Menopause Charity Page and you can contact Emily on our community page for more details about the group or on her Instagram account. 

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