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Mental health

Nature as Therapy

I am teaming up with the lovely Claire from @weareflowerandherb to bring you this unique webinar.

Gardening for me is something I value because of the physical and mental reward (a full day leaves me pooped!) and the results of my labour are both instant and long term. The satisfaction of a freshly weeded garden, and the anticipation of seeing flowers bloom and veg growing later in the year reminds me of how when we try to include exercise into our lives. Yes we feel better in the moment, but the long term benefits can take time to nurture and grow.

But if you are like me and put a flower in the ground and hope it lives, it's easy to understand how ineffective and costly this can be. That's why knowing how to effectively exercise gives you confidence and confidence means less fear and pain.
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What you will learn

After this webinar you will know

-The physical and mental benefits of being in nature and gardening.

-How to look after your garden all year round.

-How to make your body strong and resilient to prevent injury and niggles

-How to use your breath to manage pressure and reduce back pain, hernia and pelvic organ prolapse.

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Be Lively

Upgrade your membership

Join the Stronger YOU membership to get access to a 12- week Stronger gardening programme uniquely designed to train movements we often use in the garden. Training your body for life's demands means you can do it for longer and with less risk of injury. 

Start your journey to a stronger, resilient, and empowered you today! 💪🏋️‍♀️🩺
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