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Reflexology for Menopause & Cancer 

Join us for an insightful episode with Jenny, a wonderful human and reflexologist with a passion for supporting people of many ages but today we're going to focus on how reflexology can support us through menopause and cancer.

I could chat to Jenny all day but I loved learning about the common misconceptions about reflexology and how incredibly powerful reflexology can be when we are stressed. Jenny shares some techniques and tips for integrating reflexology into our lives and I'm so excited to share it with you.

Jenny Whitfield 

Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner
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About Jenny

Hi, I'm Jenny and I'm a reflexologist.

I discovered reflexology during my fertility journey and it totally opened my eyes to the holistic nature of our health and wellbeing. What I love about reflexology is the way it calms and soothes the mind and the nervous system so that the body can get on with its own amazing healing. When we hold on to physical or emotional stress, we become unbalanced and vulnerable to disease. When we release stress and tension, we have the capacity to heal and thrive.

I studied for my reflexology diploma at the amazing Cotswold Academy, and have gone on to also qualify in Bergman method facial reflexology, reflexology for menopause, Indian head massage, Swedish massage and Reiki. I am also a Wellbeing Advisor for Weleda and love using their incredible natural products in my treatments.

It's a wonderful job because every day is different. I get to meet so many incredible people and play a part in their healing journey. I work with clients of all ages, all with different circumstances, but I do particularly enjoy supporting people through menopause and cancer treatment, and find that reflexology can be very powerful for them.

I offer mobile visits, which are great for clients with serious health issues, mobility issues and busy lives, plus I work from the luxurious KD Wellness Retreat.

If you're curious about how reflexology may be able to support you, please get in touch.

Jenny Whitfield, reachme@rebalancewithjenny.co.uk, 079192005150

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