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Health & Wellbeing

Supporting Women's Health in the Workplace

Sharing her experience and expertise on how to better support women’s menstrual health in the workplace from periods to menopause. 

Sarah Wilsher

Transformational Coach & Menopause Trainer
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About Sarah

Sarah is a licensed Transformational Coach, Trainer, and Speaker who specialises in Midlife and Menopause.

Sarah is passionate about making a positive impact in the workplace and beyond. She offers tailored menopause awareness programs designed especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Her offerings include engaging Lunch and Learn sessions, comprehensive Management, HR, and Menopause Champion Training, and enlightening Policy Writing Workshops.

Sarah's primary goal is to raise awareness about the symptoms of menopause and menstrual health and the profound impact they can have on individuals undergoing hormonal changes. She places a strong emphasis on the importance of understanding how menopause affects not only the individuals experiencing it but also their colleagues, employees, family members, and friends. Her mission is to spread knowledge and foster understanding, creating an environment where menopause and menstrual health can be openly discussed without fear or stigma.

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