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Life as a Paramedic and how to live a long, healthy & happy life

Join us in our first Be Lively audio episode with Tracey Barron, ex-paramedic, as we unravel the 20-year gap between healthy and actual life expectancy. Tracey unveils a surprising truth—falls and the struggle to get back up was one of the top reasons in emergency calls. In this concise yet impactful conversation, gain insights into the challenges of aging and explore potential solutions. Tracey's frontline experiences provide a unique perspective on the disparities in health, offering a thought-provoking glimpse into the often-overlooked aspects of emergency response.

Tracey Barron

Multi-talented Female Entrepreneur &
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About Tracey

Hey, I’m Tracey. A self confessed book-a-holic and lover of mountains. I have a fabulous wife and wonderful daughter. We all love to travel and spend time outdoors - especially if it means being on or in the water.

I have spent 17 years working as a paramedic and then in clinical research. That journey showed me just how lifestyle choices can affect our health. Since then I’ve been speaking at conferences around the world, sharing tips and tricks on how to live a long, healthy, happy life. I love taking super simple ideas and weaving them into everyday life to improve health. Stacking just 4 or 5 healthy habits can lead to enormous improvements in your long-term wellbeing and happiness. I’m always testing everything on myself first, which has certainly led to some fun experiments along the way! I’d love to share everything I’ve learnt with you. I hope it can help you too.

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