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I have always been known to bring people together, especially when there is cake involved.

I believe wellness extends far beyond fitness and nutrition; it also encompasses our mental wellbeing and connections. It can mean going for a walk with others, learning a new skill or participating in a webinar or workshop focusing on a specific area of health. This is where our events play a crucial role...

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What my attendees say

The mini retreat yesterday was all & more I hoped for. You both made it such a relaxed & fun setting which enabled us all to open up & be honest whilst being so informative & helpful. It was great to talk to other ladies experiencing such similar emotions & bodily functions & to just feel supported & not feel like we're alone & going slightly mad!! I really do feel empowered & positive."
-Women's Health Mini Retreat
Very engaging, lovely atmosphere. Understanding of how our body’s develop throughout the menopause.
-My Menopause Workshop
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